Outreach teams redirected 1,379 homeless NYers from subways to shelters: Mayor Adams

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"Craig Hughes, a social worker with the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center, told Gothamist on Wednesday that Adams’ announcement seemed more in service of providing good press than substantive information."

NYC Aims to Restaff Wiped-Out Housing Discrimination Unit as Voucher Values Rise

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City Limits

“In December of last year just 24 percent of households—637 of 2,623—who were approved by a landlord to rent a unit managed to move in, according to data obtained through a Freedom of Information Law request by the [Safety Net Project of the] Urban Justice Center."

Same shift, different days: Advocates accuse city of homeless encampment sweep bias for redeploying NYPD officers and DHS agents over and over again

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Social worker with the Safety Net Project [of the Urban Justice Center] Craig Hughes who often spends time speaking with the homeless is concerned about the fact the same officers and DHS workers are spotted at Manhattan encampments, feeling that when DHS arrives at a site flanked by the NYPD it makes them an extension of law enforcement.

‘Fascism works like that’: homeless New Yorkers struggle amid police sweeps

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“Peter Malvan, a homeless advocate at the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center, said even though a lot of people had their belongings organized and cleaned, their belongings weren’t spared from being thrown away.”

The City Touts Progress on Street Homeless Outreach. Critics Say It’s More of the Same

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“If their argument is that they’ve somehow made sweeps better—our team has been on many sweeps, and this is the exact same process the last administration did,” said Craig Hughes, a social worker with the Urban Justice Center’s Safety Net Project, who also compared the policy to the “broken windows” policing style of Rudy Giuliani’s administration in the 1990s.

City Hall: 39 people placed in shelter after hundreds of encampment sweeps

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 Craig Hughes, a social worker with the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center, was skeptical about the placement figures released by the administration for the prior year, saying now was the first time the city had put out encampment-specific numbers.

Couple thought to be homeless killed on subway tracks: NYPD

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“People have found themselves chased from the subways, from the sidewalks, and from the parks, further to the margins and further from support,” said Helen Strom, with the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center, in a statement.

NYC’s filled just 200 of 2,500 empty apartments for the homeless since Post exposé

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New York Post

“‘I don’t think we’ve seen anything different,’ said Kathleen Cash, an advocate at the Urban Justice Center’s Safety Net Project. ‘Our clients continue to languish on the streets and in shelter.’”

Amid crackdown on homeless people in the subway and encampments, city to close shelter in Financial District

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"'Really concerning to see the city move to close one of these locations at the same time people on the street are repeatedly telling the city that they don't feel safe in the congregate shelter system and that we need more locations like that,' said Helen Strom, director of benefits and homeless advocacy at the Urban Justice Center’s Safety Net Project."

Mayor Proposes 1,400 Shelter Beds to Move Homeless People Off Streets

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New York Times

"Craig Hughes, a senior social worker with the [Safety Net Project of the] Urban Justice Center who advocates on behalf of the city’s homeless population, said that what his clients really needed were private rooms as well as permanent housing placements they could access without going through the shelter system."