Police to Step Up Patrol of New York Subway, Adams Says

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NY Times

But Craig Hughes, a supervising social worker at the Urban Justice Center, said that outreach teams would be hampered by a lack of stable and permanent housing for the homeless population...“It’s to a good degree smoke and mirrors,” Mr. Hughes said. “Provide outreach instead of housing, but frame it as something more, and then flood the trains with cops.”

Advocates’ Advice for Eric Adams? Better Coordination Between NYC’s Housing and Homelessness Agencies

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The Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center and #HomelessCantStayHome Campaign issued an even more ambitious demand, encouraging the city to house homeless New Yorkers in affordable units administered by HPD, regardless of the current income thresholds for the apartments.

NYC Council Considers Bill to Probe Why Homeless Are Denied Supportive Housing

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Department of Social Services (DSS) records, obtained through Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests by the advocacy group Safety Net Project, illustrate the charge. Supportive housing is, by definition, designed for people with mental illness, but on dozens of occasions over the first 10 months of 2020, providers cited an applicant’s “lack of insight” into their mental health needs as the reason for rejecting them.

NYC Homeless Services Head Steve Banks to Leave Post at End of Year

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Craig Hughes, a social worker and organizer at the Safety Net Project of the Urban Justice Center, said Banks’ policies and strategies ended up harming many homeless New Yorkers, particularly families and individuals bedding down in public spaces.

NYC’s New Housing Voucher Rules Will Drastically Expand Income Eligibility for Renewals

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“This is basically what we were asking for. It’s a really, really, really big win,” said Sarah Wilson, an organizer with the Urban Justice Center’s Safety Net Project. “You can take a job that pays $20 an hour and not risk losing your housing."

Paradox and Possibility: Movement Lawyering During the COVID-19 Housing Crisis

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CUNY Law Review

This article examines the practice of movement lawyering through the lens of the author [Marika Dias, Director of the UJC Safety Net Project]'s legal support for tenant organizing in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boost to Skimpy Low-Income Housing Vouchers Leaves Formerly Homeless at Risk of Return to Shelters

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Two days before the bill went to a planned May 26 vote committee vote, a fourth version of the measure appeared, without any mention of income qualifications. That gave HRA the power to continue imposing its own income cap. Advocates [including our Safety Net Project] noticed the change in the city’s online bill tracker and immediately pressed Levin to restore the missing line lifting the income limits as well as a time limit on aid, to no avail.

Eviction Crisis Will Put NYC’s Right To Counsel To The Test

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Marika Dias, managing director of the Safety Net Project, a legal assistance program operated by the Urban Justice Center, said that with the pandemic-induced housing emergency and a backlog of 18,000 evictions cases pre-pandemic, the city will have to pour more money into civil legal aid services to be able to deliver on its promise — and follow its own law.

After Outcry, NYC Opens Emergency Housing Vouchers to More Homeless New Yorkers

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“It’s positive the city made this change. It only took community outcry, intervention from the federal government, and the reality of facing a potential lawsuit for discriminating against people with disabilities,” said Craig Hughes, a supervising social worker at the Urban Justice Center’s Safety Net Project.

Supreme Court Blocks Enforcement Of NY Anti-Eviction Law

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Tenants should also keep in mind that eviction is a multistep process that has been drawn out in the pandemic, added Marika Dias, attorney and director of the Safety Net Project at the Urban Justice Center in New York City. "There are still steps that landlords need to take under the law," Dias told Law360. "There's still the fact that courts are not physically reopened or functioning at capacity, and a tremendous number of cases have accrued in the system. So this doesn't mean that landlords are going to be able to evict tenants en masse right away, but it is nonetheless an incredibly harmful decision for New York tenants."